VarAC Bot A Bot to help you monitor the VarAC communications.
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Filtering Notifications

In some cases the VarAC operator wants that his Telegram bot do not send notification on every signal received. So now, it´s possible to configure a filter for Telegram Notifications.

Choosing Notifications

After version 🔗V0.7.0 it is possible to choose which notifications you want to receive in Telegram. Just open the context menu on systray icon, click in Settings, uncheck the unwanted ones and in Save.


It is just the similar way that you do in the first installation: Download the zip file in Releases Section; Open the file and copy the VarAC_Bot folder overwriting the old one.


First you need the last version that can be download at Releases Section. Just open the zip file and copy the VarAC_Bot folder to any place in your computer.