In some cases the VarAC operator wants that his Telegram bot do not send notification on every signal received. So now, it´s possible to configure a filter for Telegram Notifications. It is possible have filter enable in any combination of events and it´s also possible to have different configurations for each event. All tags filter is configure at VarAC in Settings > Alert Tags Configuration.

First, it´s needed to add the tags in Alert Tags Configuration and choose for which event this tag is valid. Then in Bot Settings just enable the events do you want enable the filter.

When a event is received, the tag is looked for in all fields of message:

  • Beacon: From field;
  • CQ: From field;
  • Broadcast: From, To and Message field;
  • VMail: From, To, Subject and Message field.

All tags are case insensitive. No matter is UPPERCASE ou lowercase, it´s all treated the same:
(Radio = radio = RADIO)

User Cases:

Beacon from callsign

If you want a beacon notification only for a single callsign:

  • First config VarAC with the Callsign and check Beacon; Beacon Tag Filter
  • Enable Beacon filter in Bot Settings; Beacon Tag Enabled

CQ from Portugal

Only get notification when Portugal is calling CQ:

  • Config VarAC with a partial Callsign CT7 and check CQ; CQ Tag Filter
  • Enable CQ filter in Bot Settings; CQ Tag Enabled

EmComm Alert in Broadcast

Get only a notification when someone sends a Broadcast weather alert with a tag #WX:

  • Config VarAC with a tag #WX and check Broadcast; Broadcast Tag Filter
  • Enable Broadcast filter in Bot Settings; Broadcast Tag Enabled

Get only a notification when someone sends you a VMail with a website link:

  • Config VarAC with a tag http and check Data Stream; VMail Tag Filter
  • Enable VMail (Data Stream) filter in Bot Settings; VMail Tag Enabled