This bot idea burn in one of many long QSOs that I and Martin πŸ“»35SD150 have in VarAC mode. And we love this mode so much that i decided to build a little bot to help use VarAC when we are in normal life. πŸ˜„ He became my Beta Tester and bring another friend to this.

And also a special thanks for πŸ“» 4Z1AC Irad for his great job for bring the Vara communications for another level!

πŸ‘ Thanks for all for the feedbacks sent and time spent trying the bot to make it better.

πŸ† 35SD150 Martin
πŸ† 29SD133 Chris
πŸ† BX4ACP ζŽεΎŒι™ž
πŸ† W4RJG Rory Griffin
πŸ† IK5JRZ Carlo